A Special Thanks to the Work of Our Dental Assistants

Dental assistants are often the first face that our patients see and we value that first impression. In our Upstate NY offices, many patients have reported feeling at ease during treatment due to our lighthearted and welcoming staff. We can attest to the patience a dental assistant must have, especially while working in orthodontics. Oftentimes, patients are nervous about procedures and diagnosis. On top of medical work, dental assistants work with them to explain treatment plans, recovery processes, and preparations for treatment. This is what makes them the best. Their interpersonal skills allow patients to feel comfortable in our office. Their clarity in explanations put people at ease and allows them to more easily enjoy treatment. We recognize the importance of their work every day, but especially now during Dental Assistant Recognition Week. Here’s just a few reasons why our Troy and Ballston Lake, NY offices could not carry on without them. 


Assistance with procedures 

One key component of a dental assistant’s job is to assist in dental procedures. Oftentimes this includes performing x-rays and assisting in surgeries. This is a key role for any orthodontic office because it allows the doctor to focus on the diagnosis and treatment plans while also seeing more patients in a day. Getting patients in for treatment is a top priority, especially when it comes to braces and Invisalign. We want clients to start treatment as soon as possible so that they can have the comfortable and pristine smile that they’ve always dreamed of having.


Preparing for each patient

There is a lot going on in orthodontic offices at once, which could easily become overwhelming. However, dental assistants are experts at making the day feel like a breeze. One of their many jobs is setting up tables and equipment for the orthodontist before their arrival. That way the patients are ready to be seen as soon as they get in the chair. This allows for a quick transition between patients for the doctors and makes the patient feel like the top priority that they are. 


They help the office flow

Getting patients in and out for treatment on time allows doctors to see everyone scheduled in a timely manner. Oftentimes, dental assistants will prepare dental records, schedule follow-ups and explain treatment plans. While they perform these tasks, doctors are able to see other patients and get to everyone quickly. This is crucial for our office, especially when squeezing in emergency visits. When braces pop out or an Invisalign aligner isn’t working properly, our dental assistants are able to quickly locate the issue and resolve it with ease. The office is then able to continue running as smoothly as any other day. But we couldn’t do it without their work. 


Making a good impression

The number of patients looking to get Invisalign treatment has continued to rise as these clear aligners gain popularity. One important role of the dental assistant is obtaining dental impressions that are turned into these plastic aligners. Not only that, but they are experts in keeping patients comfortable during this gooey process. The majority of people do not look forward to having a guard filled with liquid clay placed in their mouth until it hardens. Dental assistants understand that, and take their vast experience to make the process easier for patients. 


These are just a few reasons why we set out to appreciate our dental assistants. Their role in the office is crucial to the success of our doctors and patients. We recognize their patience, attention to detail, and work ethic every day, but especially during Dental Assistant Appreciation Week.