For Children’s Dental Health Month, we are looking at the benefits of Invisalign. As your children age, it is important to pay attention to the growing needs of their mouth. Many kids and young adults experience crooked teeth for a number of reasons, one of the most common being a small jaw. If there is not enough space for all their teeth, they begin cramming in and overlapping, which ultimately results in crooked teeth. One easy fix to this is Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear, medical grade plastic aligner that your child will wear to straighten their teeth over time. If this grabs your interest, read on to find five reasons as to why Invisalign could be right for your child. 


1. Boost your child’s confidence

Being a kid and young adult can be a challenging time. They experience both moments of fitting in and not, which can be challenging. On top of that, crooked teeth could be affecting their confidence levels. Invisalign is a virtually clear option to straightening teeth so that your child can feel confident on their way to getting their dream smile.


2. Get a straight smile the simple way

Your child’s comfort should be a top priority and is a major reason why many parents avoid teeth straightening treatments until they are older. Luckily, there is SmartTrack material available to form a more comfortable option for your child. With Invisalign First, clear aligners adjust with your growing child, which allows for a simple teeth straightening process. Wires and brackets are not needed in most cases, making it easy and less painful to obtain a straight smile. 


3. Don’t let anything get in the way of food

One beautiful feature of Invisalign is that you can continue eating what you want. As opposed to other options, there are no restrictions when it comes to food, because there’s nothing to get stuck in. Invisalign comes on and off easily and allows for your child to eat whatever they want and then continue treatment once they have finished. Who wouldn’t want an easier meal time? 


4. Avoid cavities and plaque build-up

We’ve mentioned how Invisalign can be removed with ease, but did you know that this can help with daily dental hygiene? This allows teeth to be thoroughly cleaned and prevents cavities in the long-run. Don’t put teeth health on hold for straight ones. Have the best of both worlds. 


5. Get customized treatment

There is no cookie-cutter treatment when it comes to Invisalign. At Cooney Orthodontics in Saratoga, NY, your child will get a customized aligner that is built to their specific needs supervised by two board certified orthodontists. Whether they are struggling with crowding, misalignment or a dysfunctional bite, each concern will be addressed at an early age. This allows them to have the straight teeth they want without having to wait.


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