Your wedding day – the day that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. Everyone wants a picture-perfect day, complete with a picture-perfect smile. If you and your fiancé are considering getting Invisalign before tying the knot, here is everything you need to know from our New Patient Coordinator, Ansley, who experienced it first-hand.


When is the right time to start orthodontic treatment before my wedding?

“Each person has a different time frame in orthodontic treatment depending on the bite, alignment, etc. Treatment can run anywhere from 9-36 months, so the sooner you can get in the office the better to ensure treatment is finished or almost finished before the big day!”


If my treatment isn’t done before my wedding, should I break the 22 hour per day rule?

For the best results, Invisalign aligners should be worn for 22 hours per day. Ansley advises that if your treatment isn’t over before the wedding, of course break the 22-hour wear schedule and enjoy your wedding night! Just be sure to put them back in before bed.


Is there any way to speed up my treatment?

Our office offers AcceleDent, which is a great option to help speed up treatment. Using the AcceleDent as recommended (20 minutes per day) can reduce treatment time by up to 40%!”


Is it better to get Invisalign or clear braces?

“Cooney Orthodontics does not upcharge for Invisalign, so the cost is the same as braces and treatment normally takes the same amount of time. Invisalign is a great option for the aesthetic ‘invisible look,’ hygiene is much easier, and there are no dietary restrictions as long as you take your aligners out to eat and drink anything other than water.”


Invisalign requires teeth attachments to be glued on which might be noticeable in pictures. Can you remove the attachments on your teeth for the big day?

“Yes! Most of our brides would like to have the attachments removed. We normally see them 1-2 weeks before the wedding to remove the attachments and place them back on after.”


How noticeable are the aligners/attachments in pictures realistically?

“My fiancé and I had our attachments on for our engagement photos and they were barely noticeable! I have the pictures to prove it!”


Can you whiten your teeth with Invisalign and/or braces?

“Our office suggests not whitening your teeth with the attachments (for Invisalign) or braces while bonded. The whitening should be completed before or after orthodontic treatment.”


Your ideal smile has never been more attainable – and just in time for your wedding! Don’t wait, request your free consultation with Cooney Orthodontics today!


Photos by Casey Mackenzie Photography